Surveyors; submissions & contact details

We are aware of three firms of surveyors who are offering to seek compensation for residents who have lost value from property due to expansion at Southend Airport. We provide contact details below with click links to any submissions we hold for them. They are not listed by any preference.

SAEN does not recommend  any particular surveyor. It must be your choice whom you engage. Before  making your choice of surveyor you should read our compensation information pack  (available on request if not already received). If you are still in doubt check out the surveyors’ websites or contact the surveyor directly. We are sure  they will answer any questions you may have

A group considering seeking compensation has also been set up - The ‘Compensation Group’. SAEN recommend that you join this group before deciding what you wish to do relating to any compensation claim you may wish to pursue.

Claims under the 1973 Land Compensation Act.


The Compensation Group has been set up resulting from the residents meetings held by SAEN. A number of questions were posed to SAEN after the presentations given by Chris Hunt and Michael Marriott. We have therefore written to the three surveyor companies as follows: -


Southend Airport –Part One Claims

Dear Sir,


Following your presentation for SAEN at Southend we are the appointed coordinators for a number of people who wish to submit a claim under the 1973 Land Compensation Act.


I shall be pleased if you would give details as to how you require the individuals to sign up with your company to represent them.

If you have a form for them to complete, that you can supply to me, we can distribute it with instructions and will be pleased to do so.


A few questions have been raised for clarification


1) When you are successful will there be any costs or depletion of their compensation monies by your company.


2) In any other circumstances will there be any other costs involved to the individuals.


3) What date is the latest for them to submit to you for representation for a claim.

a) Under normal circumstances

b) If they are in the process of selling their property

c) If they recently sold their property


4) Once they have signed up for your company to represent them can they withdraw with at any time with out cost or obligation?


Some of the people that have come to us may have already signed up with you and we will be asking them to notify us if they have, in order to prevent duplications.


We now have had responses from Surveyors who deal with The Land Compensation Act Claims.


The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors search results.


Chris Hunt of Hunt & Scott          Chartered Surveyors

Regulated by Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).


Full response with application form.

We draw you attention to question 2 and the response.


Michael Marriott      Chartered Surveyors

Regulated by Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

(No response to date to our enquiry on your behalf) We have attached the submission document presented to SAEN and draw your attention to paragraph 5.


Carrick & Co of Cardiff     Surveyors & Land Compensation Act specialists.


Full response but no application form to complete.

We draw your attention to question 2 and the response.



The full responses from each are available by following the click links above.


Next Step


Consider the responses and decide which company should represent you in your claim.


In the case of Chris Hunt complete the application form and return to their address.


In the case of Michael Marriott we suggest you write directly to them requesting they represent you.


In the case of Carrick and Co we suggest you write directly to them requesting they represent you.


The full transcripts of the two meeting can be found at Transcript of Meetings


We cannot recommend which company should represent you and if you consider you have been affected by the airport expansion then ask for compensation. Do not be put off by being told ‘not to bother putting in a claim’.


When you have signed up to a company or if already done so, please inform us with your name and address & e-mail and which company, so we can complete our records for any future correspondence and avoid duplications.


We hope this has been of some assistance to you in deciding who should be your representative in submitting your compensation claim.



Compensation Co-ordinators