There are many reasons why you may wish to complain to or about Southend Airport, noise, smells & sleep disturbance to name but a few. There are few fundamentals that need to be followed to make sure your complaint is registered as a “complaint” and not a “comment”. This is very very important as a complaint is priceless, a comment is worthless. when using the old complaints system, the airport would respond back to you, basically asking was our answer sufficient. If you were not happy you would be given the chance to re-respond, we believe that this system vetted 50% of the complaints into comments.

If your complaint is generic it is very difficult to keep it running however it is much easier should your complaint have real substance ,You may be required to produce complaint evidence should you wish to pursue your grievance further so complaining should be seen as the precursor to your compensation claim.

  1. When writing your complaint it is imperative to include the words Official Complaint, “so you don’t forget we have pre loaded “OFFICIAL COMPLAINT as the subject” (not visible) on the form and also pre loaded, starting text “My official complaint is” in the complaint field.
  2. Make sure you are as accurate as possible with times and dates.
  3. Make sure return receipts are turned on in your mail client (if you have this)
  4. Make sure you copy your complaint responses to (for correlation)
  5. Make sure each complaint is separate.
  6. Keep your own diary of complaints.
  7. You will also need to ask something of the airport this is most important, even if every complaint says the same thing, we treat each event separately.
  8. The last line of your complaint insert the words “Please explain how you are going to remedy my complaint

An example of a complaint:

My official complaint is last night 25 /12/12 a aircraft flew very low over my house, it woke me up, the time was round about 1.30am (precise as possible)in the morning, please investigate and inform me of the height and the sound monitor readings of the said aircraft at my location, could you also confirm that this aircraft will be added to your night flight quota.

Please explain how you are going to remedy my complaint

Regards Fred Bloggs

as you can see in the example above you have requested information from the airport, this is specific information and can be revisited if needed. When you receive this information you should use it as part of your complaints dossier. The airport are fully aware that complaining is an arduous task and hope that you become tired and fade away this is much to their advantage for you to do this.

To increase your chances of compensation you need to show the same persistance with complaints as the airport is obstructive