Rochford District Council approves more expansion of Southend Airport

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RDC has granted permission to more than double the size of the new terminal at Southend Airport, only weeks after it first opened, at a meeting on Thursday 19th April. Despite strong opposition, only one member of the public was permitted to speak against the application. No one spoke in support of it.

Approval was given despite a large number of councillors being absent. Only 14 attended, six of whom declared interests but were still allowed to vote. Voting took place almost immediately after SAEN[1] member Bernard Free had finished speaking. There was no detailed scrutiny of the application by councillors, in stark contrast to the residential application they had considered earlier in the agenda.

SAEN Chairman, Graham Whitehead said “This is unfortunately the level of democracy we have come to expect from our local councils. They go through the motions of consulting residents, then completely ignore them and do whatever the airport wants. The airport hasn’t kept their promise of thousands of jobs and residents’ quality of life is being destroyed.”

It has emerged that Anglian Water were not informed of the application. SAEN understands that the water company is less than happy. They have stated that the new terminal as it stands was only just approved as it took the sewage system up to 100% capacity. Clearly, the newly-approved terminal extension will put the sewage system over-capacity with the additional rain water and other waste that the system will need to accommodate.

In the past, the Airport has always said that they are aiming for 2 million passengers per year by 2020. However, it is understood that easyJet are looking to handle as many as 6 million passengers per year. This will mean even more noisy flights over the 70,000 local residents who live under the flight path and more congestion on Southend’s busy roads.


Notes to Editors

  1. “Stop Airport Extension Now” (SAEN) was formed to campaign against the runway extension at Southend Airport. The group is not opposed to the Airport itself, which has co-existed with the residents of Southend for many years. SAEN is opposed to the inappropriate expansion of the airport, which is causing a massive increase in flights and destroying the lives of the people living, working or going to school anywhere near the flightpath.

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3 Responses to “Rochford District Council approves more expansion of Southend Airport”

  1. Jason says:

    Look folks – we can complain all we want on websites such as these but it will not make a jot of difference. The way in which the expansion plans have been pushed through by your elected leaders should tell you that. As the old saying goes actions speak louder then words.

    Why did you continue to vote for your local councillor or MP ? Because you have always voted Tory? Did you even bother to vote ? I’ve always voted conservative but guess what I switched my vote. Unfortunately, despite being shafted by the council not many others did and so the old guard retained its power to keep shafting us. UNLESS YOU DO SOMETHING NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

    Actions always speak louder then words – how about the 70,000 affected residents decide to take their cars to the retail park next to the airport every weekend ? This simple act would cause gridlock and shut the airport down in a matter of months – easyjet and the like wouldn’t go anywhere near an airport that their passengers couldn’t get into or which delayed their planes. Take the train instead the airport will say – so a commuter home on every train may start fainting and trains will be delayed because a “passenger has been taken ill” on a train…..

    Make the public aware of the delays that the local residents are causing via a decent website and let them know that its likely they will miss their flight and they wont go near it with a bargepole either.

    This is the only way that the council and the airport will listen and make changes. Getting another nasty letter wont change a thing.

    SAEN needs to realise that a campaign of peaceful but direct protest is the ONLY thing that will get them heard. You can whinge and moan until you are blue in the face but it wont stop airport expansion now – or at anytime in the future.

    • Pam says:

      I totally agree with you Jason – but no-one seems to be the ones to want to get up and do it !! actions are needed here – they aren’t going to listen otherwise !!

  2. Bella says:

    My mother lives there and would approve a gridlock action but no one has sent her a leaflet asking her to do so.
    Conservatives have an obligation to conserve in a paternalistic way but today business is all. A left wing response is ‘if you don’t hear it you’ll feel it’, it worked for Lewisham A & E who trounced on Jeremy Hunt and said a profit making excellent hospital is not going to pay for another trust’s errors and taking to the streets and protesting and petitioning worked.
    Those who say, what can you do should consider that failure to act is to be complicit – silence is taken as assent.
    Find your voice, get in the car with a flask and sarnies and do what people do in a war-unite and fight!!!!!
    I am sure if Leigh sent fisherman in Dunkirk, soemone can manage a drive and park revolt

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