Overwhelming opposition to the airport’s expansion

I TAKE exception to the Echo’s Comment on Southend Airport (May 9).

Residents who live in the Southend West constituency are overwhelmingly opposed to the extension of the runway at the airport.

This is a fact proved by the result of the consultation exercise. It was a flawed and inadequate consultation, but it was the only one available, apart from local surveys carried out by Peter Welch.

The assertion that the CAA claims that the church wall must be removed is questionable. The fact is that the majority of contact between Southend Council and the CAA has been by phone, with very little in writing.

This in itself is an appalling example of an unprofessional approach to an important matter which could affect the whole town.

The planning application from Stobarts makes many claims, which the local authority appears to simply accept, and the Echo appears to endorse without question.

Stobart’s claimed ambitions for the airfield are totally unrealistic, given that most frequent flyers are happy to use Stansted or Gatwick. As it is, Stansted is a struggling airport which has plenty of capacity.

All means will be used to thwart this runway extension by residents in the interest of the whole town. The South East of England does not need more airport expansion.

Brightwell Avenue, Westcliff

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  1. Kieran Kelly says:

    Well said Bob… it’s clear that the level of support for expansion that Stobart, Southend Council and The Echo would have us believe exists within the local community is a load of bull… but is anyone prepared to listen ?. It seems the very legitimate safety and environmental concerns raised in ‘public consultations’ appear to make absolutely no difference to those in power. Clearly, a large proportion of local councilors are failing miserably in their duty to protect the rights of residents and safeguard the environment for the benefit of all. Notwithstanding any of the above, the economic case for Airport Expansion would fail even the most basic assessment given the location of the Airport, Population user base, Transportation limitations and the availability of more accessible alternatives, in particular Stansted.

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